Ruby vs. Ruby on Rails : What’s the Difference?

Amer Fahmy
2 min readJun 24, 2020


With such similar names it could be easy to confuse ‘Ruby’ and ‘Ruby on Rails’. Even though they sound so similar, they are both very different and very powerful!! In this blog I will go over the differences between the two.

So what’s Ruby?

Simply put, Ruby is a programming language. It’s what a developer uses to create a program for an application. Ruby is one of many programming languages. It is highly recommended to learn Ruby due to its ease and understanding. Ruby is an object oriented language that makes it easy to enter the world of programming. On top of being user-friendly Ruby is also a very powerful programming language with the ability to create complex applications.

If Dwight was a Developer

Let’s get a little understanding about Web Application!!!!

Before we dive into what Ruby on rails is and how to use it, let’s focus a little on web application’s!! So basically a web application is a type of program. It can can run on a web server or remote computer system. An application’s job is to basically accept a request on http from a user on the web browser. There is then a response from the html or another data format. Now this could be written using the awesome language “Ruby”. If you would like to create a fully functional web application, relying on ruby alone would be a nightmare. This is where our friend “Ruby on Rails” comes in to play.

Ruby on Rails!!

Now it’s time to dive into “Ruby on rails”!!! Rails is the framework used to implement the web application. Don’t forget we used our good friend ruby to write that web application. Rails makes it easy for you the web developer to write a Model-view-controller (MVC) web application. Rails has multiple features that makes writing a web application much more efficient and saves you a lot of time!! Rails has a huge community that offer a great collection of open source code.

Rails is there to help when creating your web application. You don’t need to sit there and suffer alone. With such an amazing community and great tools you can get your web application up and running fast and efficient using Ruby and Ruby on rails.